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Updated: 2023 Oct 09

org-mode tutorial

basic commands

  • C-x C-c Close
  • C-x C-s Save
  • C-w Cut
  • C-y Paste
  • M-w Copy
  • C-s Search forward
  • C-r Search backward
  • M-% Search and replace
  • C-g Abort
  • C-k Delete the following characters
  • C-d Delete one character (forward)
  • C-a Move to the start of current line
  • C-e Move to the end of current line
  • Linux Shortcuts1

split screen

  • C-x 3 Vertical split
  • C-x 2 Horizontal split
  • C-x 1 Close all other visible windows
  • C-x b Move between windows.
  • C-x 0 Close window
  • C-x o Switch to other window
  • C-M-v Scroll other window

inserting dates

  • C-c . Prompt for active date
  • C-c ! Prompt for inactive date
  • C-c C-d Enter a deadline date
  • C-c C-s Enter a scheduled date
  • C-u C-c . Enter for active date time
  • C-u C-c ! Enter for inactive date time


  • C-c C-l insert a link
  • C-c C-x f insert footnote
  • C-x b / C-x C-b / C-x <left> / C-x <right> switch buffers
  • #+OPTIONS:toc:nil remove toc
  • C-@ mark
  • C-x h set point to start of buffer and mark to end of buffer
  • C-x C-x go back to the last mark that was set
  • M-x goto-line / M-g same as goto-line
  • M-r replace string. like M-%
  • C-x r t multi-line comment (need C-x space)
  • C-x r k anti multi-line comment
  • C-h f + type in keywords
  • C-h k + enter a known keyboard shortcut



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