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Updated: 2023 Oct 09

My Experiences

  1. If you want to do something, the most important thing is to conduct research immediately and then take action.
  2. Don't bother searching for Chinese video materials, go directly to books and read more English resources.
  3. Don't always wait for the perfect timing, just go for it. Once you have a good understanding, that's usually enough; don't strive for perfection.
  4. Don't jump to conclusions easily. Be cautious in seeking evidence and bold in making assumptions.
  5. Do things as early as possible.
  6. Don't attempt to change others, it's exhausting.
  7. Stay focused on specific goals and follow through with execution.
  8. Don't get caught up in your emotions, but rather pay attention to them.
  9. If you don't know how to make something better, try doing something about it. (Do more things that benefit it and fewer things that don't.)
  10. Emphasize the important and let go of the unimportant.
  11. Dare to knock on the door and venture outside.
  12. Never reveal your hand prematurely.


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